Visionary Graphics was founded in 2017 and is a service for Graphic design, Illustrations, and mixed media content


The Owner


Hi there, my name is Shaunna Gould and I am the founder of Visionary Graphics

I am an Artist from Canada and I specialize in Graphic Media such as digital graphic design. I am an independent mixed media artist who’s passion began in childhood.

I went to school for art and design back in 2016 where I gained a passion for print and furthering my design media skills. Outside of Digital Design I am a hobbyist for film and animation. Video editing has been something I enjoyed as a hobby back in my childhood and I grasped concepts quickly in the field of emotional/theme concept and graphics. I often mix several media’s such as sketching, digital, and photo in my work.

I have a strong passion for helping people and expressing myself, usually through art and writing. Sharing experiences and connecting with people is important to me, and I believe that we all want to share and connect in the way we best know how.

In saying that, I want to say thank you for visiting my page and taking interest in Visionary Graphics.

Commission prices depend upon the nature of the task, please contact me with your request for a quote