A logo is how everyone will recognize you when you appear and start making your mark in the world. A logo is crucial to your business because it should represent who you are yet be simple enough to use in expansions. For example, you decide later you want to make another branch in your company that covers a different topic or sells a product unrelated to your main store, your logo should still represent you and your company but be versatile enough that it does not clash with multiple ideas

Logo’s, themes, and branding are similar but have differences. A logo is your company and branding tool. Branding and themes can be developed in relation to your Logo, but your logo is front and center of your operations. You can have multiple emblems and Logo’s to represent you and your businesses and/or branches within, but if you want to be recognized you should try to stay within one design that will stand out and allow people to recognize you. 


One important thing that must always be priority is how you want others to perceive you and the feeling you want to create. If your a store that promotes and sells fine suits, classy clothing, or bridal dresses you will want a design that reflects fine, classy, and bridal. Soft tones, simple and elegant typography, less excitement or energy – because classy is cool and calm. If you chose a design that were flashy, colorful, and too playful, your target customer may be deterred from your store. Likewise, if you have a restaurant that is family friendly with your target audience being parents and children, you will want something playful with exciting colors and bold lettering.

Your logo is an important decision and it may take several different variations before you find the one you want. Don’t be afraid to ask trusted sources for their opinions and gather feedback. Consulting with other designers or studying the logo’s and designs of businesses in your niche will help a lot.





Making simple sunglasses in Adobe Illustrator. The preset used was an image I created for a larger project. If your just starting out in illustrator working with smaller projects like this is a great way to learn. Creating assets or pieces for a larger project make the task less intimidating and keeps you focused. The video isn’t a tutorial, it shows the process and has some text inserts, but it’s it’s just for fun.